Big Change Luton; one tap is all it takes

An exciting development in Luton Town centre

Big Change Luton

16 Dec 2019

One tap is all it takes to make a Big Change Luton

We are delighted to announce our support for a new initiative for public donations to homeless causes. Lutonians and visitors to the town will be able to donate to homeless services using new contactless donation points.

Big Change Luton will today launch its first two contactless donation points at the Travel Centre in Station Road and the customer service desk at The Mall.

Contactless donations of £3, or any amount via our Big Change Luton Just Giving page, will go into a central pot which will be accessible for applications from any one of the services working across Luton to help people build a life away from the street.

The campaign is an initiative of the Luton Homeless Partnership, backed by more than twenty organisations - from frontline charity organisations, Luton Borough Council, Luton BID and Squared – as well as people with lived experience of life on the street. The partners are coming together to ensure a coordinated approach to tackling the impacts on people who are sleeping rough and experiencing homelessness.

As well as the contactless points, information and advice about services on offer in Luton and how to help if you have concerns will be available at

You can also visit this website to learn what donations of time or items are needed at any given time across the town.