Condensation: what to do about it

How to lower condensation in your home


24 Oct 2022

Condensation occurs when moisture builds up in your home, usually either from high levels of humidity and/or a lack of ventilation. This can lead to mould and even damp, so it is very important to take steps to minimise this wherever you can. 

In the main their are three primary ways to limit condensation build up in your home:

  1. Open windows every day to ventilate your home
  2. Heat your home to a moderate, stable temperature
  3. Always use extractor fans when cooking or bathing

Issues with heating, guttering, extractor fans and windows can also all contribute to a build-up in condensation, damp and mould so it's important to resolve these quickly. 

For further advice on how to limit condensation and mould, read through our quick guide linked below. 

Quick guide

If you’re a Squared customer and are not able to treat any mould that develops or if you have repetitive issues, please notify us immediately so we can explore this issue quickly. 

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