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Need a form? They are all in one place: My Squared

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15 Jul 2020

In the digital age, where you can do almost anything with a smart phone, moving services online has now become the norm. Many of our tenants are already feeling the benefits of having a My Squared account, one of which is having all the forms you need in one place.

Gone are the days of needing to look in ten different places to find the one form you need. Now with your My Squared account you can find them all in one place for you to find whenever you need them.

So what are the forms available on My Squared?

Adaptations request form

If you need changes to be made to your property, such as the installation of a stairlift or a wet room, this is the form you need.

It is important to note that for Squared to grant permission for an adaptation, you may have to have an Occupational Therapist Assessment carried out by our private Occupational Therapist.

Alterations request form

If you would like to make alterations to one of our properties, you will need to complete this form first. For our Homes for Independent Living tenants, you do not need to complete this form for painting and decorating your property.

Notice to end tenancy

If you are moving out of a Squared property, you will need to complete this form to give notice. We ask for a minimum of four weeks’ notice, as that way we can make sure the property is ready and available for another tenant in need.

This form also provides you the opportunity to feedback to us about the service you have received from Squared.

Pet request form

We do allow some of our tenants to keep pets at our properties but you must first complete this form and send it to us for consideration.

We take animal welfare very seriously, so we need to make sure you are aware of the commitment of owning a pet and that you have the time and money to care for it.

Application for joint tenancy

If you wish to apply for a joint tenancy, look no further. If you are applying for a joint tenancy with a partner, you must be able to prove that they have lived with you for one year or provide a marriage certificate.

Mutual exchange form

A mutual exchange is where you swap tenancies with a tenant from another property. It is essential that both landlords are aware and are happy for any exchange to go ahead, so make sure you have their permission and the required paperwork.

Transfer request form

If you wish to transfer to another of our properties, this is the form you will need. Please note that due to a limited amount of stock you could be waiting for a long time, which is why we would recommend exploring a mutual exchange via

If you are a Squared tenant and would like to find out more about My Squared, get in touch with us today.

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