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Find out how to keep your home ventilated and mould free

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19 Aug 2019

Condensation: why it matters and what you can do about it

Condensation is one of the most common forms of damp. Without action it can lead to mould growth which lead to serious health issues, while also damaging your home. Fortunately, it is easy to manage!

It normally occurs during cold weather and is usually the result of poor air circulation.

Here are 3 key things you can do to manage condensation in your home:

1. Ventilation

This is crucial. While opening windows is easy to do in Summer, it is also important to open windows for short periods in Winter. Opening windows when cooking, after having a bath or shower or whenever you notice glass misting up is essential.

2. Heating

The best practice is to heat all your rooms to a moderate, consistent temperature.

3. Moisture Reduction

There are various things you can do to reduce build up of moisture in your home.

  • Keep lids on saucepans to reduce the steam given off.
  • If you can, dry clothes outside. If you need to dry them inside, do so in the bathroom with the window open and the internal door shut.
  • Make sure that bathroom and kitchen doors are closed when you are bathing/ cooking and open a window.

If you are one of our tenants, are following the advice above but are still getting condensation or there is mould growing in your property, please report this to our repairs department on your tenant portal account.