Time to Talk day 2023

The power of talking explained by an experienced therapist

Time to Talk day

2 Feb 2023

Squared therapist Patricia explains what Time to Talk day is and why talking is good for your mental health as well as others…

Time to Talk Day happens every year and focuses on mental health. It’s a day for everyone, whether that’s friends, families, communities, or workplaces to come together to talk, listen and change lives.  

We have our own dedicated therapy service for our customers because we know how helpful talking about our mental health and our current life challenges can be. Sometimes having that space with a trained professional is exactly what’s needed. Sometimes a conversation with a friend, loved one or colleague may be enough, or it may be the start of recognising the need for further support.

It's often not easy to start these conversations, but generally it is helpful – and maybe to others as well as to you. Many of us have found it supportive when we hear a famous sports person, actor, musician or other public figure talk about their mental health challenges. It enables us to see we are not alone in this, that it’s part of being human. So, by starting that conversation, you may be helping someone else too.  

Some of us are still feeling the impact of COVID, whether that is in physical symptoms or because we have not got back to all the social and/or other activities we enjoyed before lockdown which can affect our mental health and well-being. In addition, the current cost of living crisis, the news about the war in the Ukraine and the climate crisis, public service strikes, can all add to the mental and emotional burden. We are brain-wired to be social beings as humans, to connect with others, and ensuring this is part of our lives can help balance the negative stories around us.

One benefit from the COVID lockdowns is the increased availability of online support groups and therapy, which means it doesn’t matter where we are in the UK to access this support. Access to therapy, no matter your current mental health, is a great asset for everyone to know that this is available and should be a comfort for all of us. Although undoubtedly for some folk in person, face to face therapy is what they prefer, which is why having the choice is so crucial.

So what conversation might you be part of on this Time to Talk Day? Let’s celebrate what it means to be human and open our hearts to share. Let’s talk!