Fairness statement

Squared is committed to fairness in all aspects of its work.

We value the rich social and cultural diversity of our communities, and understand that the people who provide and use our services have different experiences, needs and aspirations.

We include all our stakeholders in our day-to-day business. We treat people equally, with fairness, and value the different contributions that they make. This is a key value underpinning our work.

Squared is determined to promote equal opportunities and reduce the disadvantages that people face daily. We make our practices and services responsive to the needs of our individual customers, and the community at large.

We will treat all people with fairness, dignity and respect, valuing the diversity of all. To achieve this, we will:

  • Respect and listen to our service users and staff
  • Review this policy annually to check it is working and to ensure continued fairness into the future using Equality Impact assessment methods
  • Tackle prejudice wherever it is found in the organisation
  • Induct service users in equal opportunities, and include this in their handbooks
  • Induct staff and train them in equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion
  • Monitor the ethnicity of job and housing applicants to ensure that both our workforce and service users reflect the diverse communities that we serve
  • Consult with people from all the diverse communities we serve, in order to help shape our services
  • Provide feedback on comments received and report on how we are progressing in achieving our fairness objectives

Squared is committed to seeking housing solutions that meet different physical and cultural needs. We aim to make our housing stock suitable for the current needs of our customers, and adaptable to meet their future aspirations. We will improve existing stocks wherever possible, and offer supported housing and services that support sustainable communities in Luton.