Partnering with Purposeful Employment

How employers can help us make a difference

Our Purposeful Employment services are designed to help our customers living in Squared accommodation to improve their lives by finding, entering and remaining in meaningful work.

Aiming far wider than ‘landing someone a job’, we focus on individuals – helping our customers to both realise and elevate their own aspirations, as well as supporting and nurturing them to gain the skills, confidence and experiences they need to fulfil them.

As a result, our community is breaking the cycles of unemployment and poverty, replacing them with life-long opportunity and purpose.

How you can help

A pivotal part of the Purposeful Employment service is supporting our customers to identify and obtain employment opportunities that are meaningful to them. To do this we are looking to work with local organisations who want to go the extra mile in ensuring local people who are less advantaged get a fair chance. Organisations who want to be recognised and have a commitment to positively challenge attitudes, behaviours and cultures within their recruitment process. 

More and more local companies are recognising the potential of offering work experience placements to improve team skills, productivity and the diversity of their workforce. 

Our service is based on our customers true aspirations so, as an employer, we can assure you that we would only look to place someone with you who holds a keen interest in your area of business. We know how hard it is to enter the local labour market, so with your support we can make peoples dreams become a reality and influence their choices for the better.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be supporting the local community and economy
  • You will be giving something back as an employer
  • You will be supporting our customers that have a passion and a flare for your industry
  • You will get to watch the personal growth and development of our customers
  • You will gain additional support with your business at no extra cost

If you would like to discuss partnering with Purposeful Employment Squared or would like more information, please contact us today.

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