At Squared we believe in creating employment opportunities for our customers that are more than ‘just jobs’.  We believe in creating employment opportunities that are ‘purposeful’.

Purposeful Employment focuses on employment with prospects and job satisfaction including self-employment, business start-up advice and support with finding a career which pays a real living income.

Employment which gives our customers lifelong self-esteem, that in turn will lead to a better, healthier outlook on life.

The main objectives of our service include:

  • Creating achievable employment opportunities (voluntary and paid)
  • Raising aspirations
  • Encouraging sustainable employment opportunities
  • Positively impacting on the wellbeing of our customers
  • Positively impacting on reducing the need for social benefits and health services

We believe everyone deserves to find a career that suits them. Our moving forwards programme provides a one stop shop to finding your purpose and dream job. 

Moving Forward Programme

Purposeful Employment isn’t just about getting into employment, it is also designed for people wanting to give something back too; either through volunteering or mentoring with our giving back scheme.

Giving Back Scheme

We are looking to partner with local employers to help our customers meet their aspirations. This could come in the form of employment, volunteering or work placements that enable our customers to achieve their goals.

Partnering with Purposeful Employment 

We are here to help our customers find their purpose, whether you are a Squared customer or are just interested in finding out more about our service please get in touch today.

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